And so it begins…

With only two weeks left to plan, pack and obsess…we will finally have begun our journey to Southeast Asia! The plan, as it stands currently, has us leaving from the US in Chicago and flying to Bangkok, Thailand. From there, we plan to travel through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Crazy right? My mom thinks so too!

I’m a devoted list maker, so the hubby suggested that I blog and shoot video during our journey and call this blog the Travelists. Unfortunately, others had thought of this name first, so we are now the Travelisters! I’m fairly new to this type of online forum, so it might take me a while to get everything smoothed out. We will both hang in there together, Ok?

Here in a minute, I’ll post my carry-on (really? just a carry-on? only ONE bag?) packing list with some pictures to demonstrate. I’m not at all into being a minimalist, but my husband is REALLY into it. He has packed and unpacked about seven times since we started dreaming up this world travel plan. He got a little exasperated with me the other day when I had more than three pairs of underwear to pack! Haha. I will not be without clean undies!


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