Gear and Electronics List

Too little, or too much??

Starting from the top left hand corner:

Ebags toiletry bag (purple) – I love this hanging toiletry bag because it lays almost flat making it easy to place in my backpack. Plus, it has lots of compartments (one is waterproof so explosions are contained).

Electronics and various cables – Kindle, power bank, Steripen, power adaptor, the BEST headlamp/flashlight ever, Belkin surgeplus powerstrip, GoPro Chesty, GoPro Hero7 Black, Apple laptop, travel mouse, waterproof bag from Zpacks, sleep mask and earplugs

Clear 3-1-1 TSA compliant liquids bag, sink stopper, various wet wipes, natural bug repellent wipes, wisps, nail kit, nailfile, wine bottle opener (I may or may not be able to get this through security, stay tuned), Sea to Summit packable duffle, RFID passport holder

Ray Ban sunglasses, various bag logs, Vapor 1L water bottle, carabiners/clips, microfiber cloth, travel games in Zpacks waterproof pouch, 550 cord, Sea to Summit dry bag with medical supplies (plus other odds and ends), REI brand XL towel (also has hair turban in the bag)

Cocoon silk travel sheet, Cocoon inflatable pillow, silk pillowcase for pillow, Cotopaxi laundry mesh stuff sack, feminine products bag

In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see my Baggallini Expandable Overnight Tote, Wallaroo Malibu Fedora, Lee Valley traveller’s doorstop, and my teal Takeya 32oz hot/cold bottle


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