Getting to Thailand

nGetting to Thailand from Chicago to Bangkok took us about 24 hours of total travel time. The first 14 hour leg of the journey began with flying Chinese Eastern from O’Hare to Shanghai, China. Thankfully, the plane wasn’t totally full, so we got to stretch out quite a bit. Of course, when you leave at 2pm on a bright, sunny day, you’re not really ready to be fed and then put to bed after an hour in the air! So, I struggled. I watched some movies with Chinese subtitles (why do the majority of movies have Tom Cruise in them??). I played every game on my phone. I re-read the guide book. I tried not to get annoyed with the person next to me and failed. I took a sleeping pill and didn’t sleep. I listened to my husband snore like a dying dinosaur and tried not to laugh as everyone around him shuffled in agony. Ha. At least the flight was relatively smooth!

yAfter about 10 hours of flight time, they flicked the cabin lights on for some yummy, scrumptious airplane breakfast food (of course this is about midnight for us Midwesterners). I was hungry, but more importantly, I was so incredibly thirsty that I would have paid $100 dollars for a warm bottle of water! They were so stingy with the water that they didn’t even fill up the little airplane glasses past the first notch…anyway, it’s my fault for not bringing more than a little bottle with me. And, then the food arrived:

See that? It’s rice, a dumpling, and some gelatinous loaf. Plus some fruit cocktail that ended up on my lap 🙂 Delicious.

Finally, we landed in Shanghai. It was so nice to get off the plane and walk around. For those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook, you probably heard about the saga of the confiscated mini extendable backscratcher. Of course, I’m usually the one who gets searched between my husband and myself. I must look more suspicious. Anyway, the Chinese authorities decided that my scissors were ok, but searched through everything twice to determine that my little backscratcher was an advanced form of weaponry and needed to be seized. After that saga, we decided to get something to eat. Only one more four hour leg left to go!

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