Thai Cooking Class!

I’m a huge fan of Thai food, so it’s only natural to want to learn to make it all at home 🙂 Through our hostel in Bangkok, Smile Society Boutique Hostel, we were able to book a legit, five-hour cooking class through Silom Thai Cooking School ( on some of my favorite dishes. Tom Yum soup, papaya salad, pad thai, red curry (from scratch!), and mangoes with sticky rice…can you say delicious??

In a local market, explaining all of the fruits, veggies and spices…did you know what she’s holding here (that look like grapes) are eggplants???

We started the class with a trip to the local market, where our instructor picked out each and every ingredient needed for our five dishes and explained what we should look for to enhance flavor and presentation. All the produce was plucked fresh from a variety of carts/stalls from the market in real time. Then we headed to the two-level cooking school by tuk-tuk.

There were about 10 other travelers who joined us (including a wonderful couple from Chicago, and a spunky friend team from Japan/Finland) in the next three hours of cooking instruction. We made each dish under the careful eye of our instructor, Gee. She voluntold my husband to pound the curry powder, which seemed to amuse everyone (including me!).

By the time the whole class was over, we were stuffed to the max. It was a lot of fun, and we highly recommend anyone traveling through Thailand to try the class!


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