Hong Islands

One of the first activities we planned when arriving in Krabi was an island tour. There are many variations to these types of tours, but we settled on an offering through Barracudas Co. that would take us by speed boat to the Hong Islands. Our package included several opportunities to snorkel, and a sea kayaking adventure. We packed up our suits, sunscreen and towels and waited outside of our hostel for transport to Ao Nang beach.

Wading out to our boat from the beach.
View from our speedboat as we raced to our first island location.

The first island that we saw was Daeng Island. Due to the rough seas, the boat wasn’t able to stop to allow us to snorkel. Thankfully, neither of us get seasick. Some of the other tourists looked a little green, and one did make a mad dash to the trashcan…good times!

Daeng Island

The second stop was Pakbia Island. This island had a small sandy beach surrounded by a rocky shoreline. There were so many people trying to snorkel in the tiny designated swim area that we elected to take some pictures and explore what we could on foot.

We were then transported to Landing Island, where we had some lunch under the coconut and mangrove trees. This island was only recently opened up for tourists, so it had a very undeveloped feel (which was very nice). After eating, we took the opportunity to swim a bit in the warm, clear water.

Finally, we were dropped off on Hong Island, which was by far the best beach and snorkeling. We were issued a sea kayak and snorkeling masks, and were given directions (not really, just an arm wave in the left direction!!) how to paddle around the island to Hong Lagoon. I did mention to you that there were choppy seas right? Yikes. We made it around the island to what we thought was Hong Lagoon and then immediately reversed course to the main beach for some snorkling fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed the snorkeling and seeing the wide variety of fish and coral. Using a public mask and snorkel proved to be moderately disgusting but saved us some money. In the future, we will be disinfecting the mouthpiece before using!

It was a wonderful, yet tiring day. As soon as our connectivity situation improves, I will update this post with some of the kayaking and snorkeling videos we took.


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