Kayaking and Fire Spinning!

Don’t worry, we weren’t fire spinning 🙂 We left that for the brave and experienced souls. It did look amazingly well coordinated for a group of teens who randomly appeared on the beach…almost like they had done this before.

Before the show, we booked a sunset kayaking tour through our hostel in Krabi. It was a day after the sea kayaking experience, so we were both a little on the sore side and almost didn’t go. I’m so very glad we did! It was amazingly smooth, our guides were excellent, and we got to see some interesting geology!

Along the three hour tour (oh yes, we named our kayak the Minnow), we stopped at a small beach to get some group photos and rest for a few minutes. It was during this small break that we were investigated by a medium-sized monkey. She seemed to be inching ever closer to our backpacks in the kayak! Our guide said that she was thirsty and told us to hide our bags because she was known to open them and “borrow” things. He then proceeded to give her a drink, which was one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. So adorable!

After hanging out a bit longer, we then continued the tour. As the sun began setting, the birds and monkeys began singing (or barking?), and the tide began to go out. It was peaceful and relaxing on the paddle back to the pier.

Then it was on to a BBQ, where we were given numerous skewered items off the fire. This includes whole squid, shrimp, chicken and an entire fish of some type. There were about 10 friendly yet aggressive cats who ended up with most of my items. I felt as if they were eyeballing my every move throughout the meal…it’s like they KNOW I’m going to share 🙂 Then, the fire spinning began.

I’d say it was a great day for both of us. I did get bit by something on the ankle during the time on the water though. My ankle and foot swelled up like a little softball. Let’s hope that goes away without incident…haha.


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