Island Hopping

Time to amp up the sunshine and hit some fabulous island beaches! We decided to travel to Koh Phangan first and then head north to Koh Tao. Both of these sea journeys were made by high-speed catamaran.

Starting from Surat Thani Thailand, we took a high-speed boat ferry to Koh Phangan and then to Koh Tao.

On Koh Phangan, we decided that we would give motorcycle riding a try. It seemed to be the best way to quickly get around the island, and for 250 baht for 24 hours…why not right? It’s definitely pretty difficult to negotiate the road when you’re on the wrong side (for us anyway) and have about 10 other bikes right around you!!

We did end up seeing some fabulous off-the-beaten-path beaches though! The best part was trying to understand the map of “roads” and investigating undocumented pieces of paradise.

We then ventured to Koh Tao. This island is much smaller than Koh Phangan, and the roads are more narrow and mostly dirt…so no motorbike adventures for us here!

We investigated the nearby beaches by foot, and then we took a snorkeling tour. There were beautiful fish and coral to be seen, as well as a very large shark. Our motto at the end was, “more boat, less shark!!” During our tour, we stopped at a tiny island duo named Koh Nangyuan. The two islands are connected by a sandbar that you must walk across, which I find amazing. The climb to the top of the largest island was very nice, but full of mosquito attacks which resulting in us running back down to the water in a panic.

After such a hard day beach-hopping and snorkeling, the decision was made to try a little alternative foot therapy 🙂 I personally found it to be super gross and couldn’t wait to leave…but here it is:

After all this fun (and severe sunburn!), it was time to return to Bangkok 🙂


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